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Oct 30



Twitter Fans didn’t want to stop … so we listened!
**Our Walk Plans are for “all walks of life” … for all the “ways” that YOU walk … indoors with DVDs – outdoors – on treadmills – you never have to purchase an item to join us to ….. WALK OURSELVES HEALTHY! Share our Walk Plans with friends
THANK YOU Twitter followers ….
We LOVE WALKING with U … now on to NOVEMBER!
Friday NOV 1 – 1 Mile Walk + Core Training
Saturday NOV 2 – 3 Mile Walk
Sunday NOV 3 – NO STRUCTURED EXERCISE – Do everything that restores your mind, body and soul! Sleep in, play with kids, go to faith service, cook, visit people!!
So many great choices to RESTORE!
Monday NOV 4 – 2 Mile Walk + Arm, Back, Chest Strength Exercise
Tuesday NOV 5 – No structured exercise but squeeze in some activity … clean the basement maybe?
Wednesday NOV 6 – 2 Mile Walk + Leg, Hip, Backend Strength Exercise
Thursday NOV 7 – No structured exercise – don’t sit for long hours or if you must -use a Stability Ball as your chair!
Friday NOV 8 – 2 Mile Walk + Core Training
Saturday NOV 9 – OK ….. Go for it – 5 MEGA MILES!!!
Sunday NOV 10 – Nothing structured … enjoy the restoring of your spirit!
Monday NOV 11 – 3 Mile Walk
Tuesday NOV 12 – Core and Back Strength Training Only
Wednesday NOV 13 – 3 “MEGA” Mile Walk
Thursday NOV 14 – Upper Body Strength Only – Arms, Back, Chest
Friday NOV 15 – 3 Mile Walk
Saturday NOV 16 – 4 Mile Walk
Sunday NOV 17 – OFF !(LOL – now you know I am going to say RESTORE!)
Monday NOV 18 – 2 Mile Walk + Core Training
Tuesday NOV 19 – 1 Mile Walk
Wednesday NOV 20 – 2 Mile Walk + Arms, Back, Chest Strength
Thursday NOV 21 – 1 Mile Walk
Friday NOV 22 – 2 Mile Walk + Leg, Hip & Backend Strength
Saturday NOV 23 – 5 “Really Big” Miles …. We have a DVD for that! LOL!
Sunday NOV 24 –  RESTORE …. HUG everyone! … yes .. be a Power HUGGER! Works lots of muscles … really!
Monday NOV 25 – I will be walking in Giant Eagle (our local market-you know what’s coming this Thurs!!!) – if you want to fitness walk … go ahead! LOL!  Choose your miles!
Tuesday NOV 26 – Nope …. I am still looking for food! Choose your miles and tweet me to let me know if you walked or looked for food!
Wednesday NOV 27 – I will need a stress buster mile here …. Grocery shopping gets ugly by this point! (shoving, pushing, grabbing the last sweet potatoes … you have to be fit!)
Wishing you and your loved ones all the joy, enthusiasm and LOVE that you shower me with! Forever grateful my friends! Happy Thanksgiving! – LeslieJ
Friday NOV 29 – What else would we do but a 5 MEGA Miler????? Happy Walking!
Saturday NOV 30 – 3 Mile Walk!
THANKS MY WALKERS …. Love every step with you!
Great choices for the “Saturday” 5 Mile Walks!
Great choices for 2 Mile Walks !
Great choice for 3 Mile Walk!
(3 MEGA MilesWalking to the Hits – Radio Remixes)
Great choice for Upper Body Strength
Great choice for Lower Body Strength
Great choices for Core Training
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