Veggetti tool-gluten free pasta!

I’ve been eyeing the Veggetti tool for months now and I finally got one!!

We’ve been getting alot of squash and zucchini from our garden so I wanted to try this tool to make “pasta” zucchini. It was really easy to use-a little difficult to get the blade clean even though I washed it right away.

I used the recipe that came in the box for the stir fry dish. I used the zucchini noodles, the leftover zucchini pieces cut up, spices, butter, and peppers. Warmed up for a few minutes and ta da!! 
My boys loved it!! I should have cut up some of the noodles because they were pretty long.
I loved that I was eating veggies but it felt like I was having pasta because of the noodle texture. Very cool concept!  
We used it as a side veggie dish, not as the main meal. Which you could do if you wanted to. 

Have you ever used the Veggetti tool? Ever made Veggie noodle  “pasta”? 

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