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Did you know that Home Depot offers FREE monthly workshops for adults, kids, and specifically for ladies?

I have been taking my kids to their monthly kids workshops for years but hadn’t noticed they did ladies classes! I am so bummed I’ve been missing out all these years…

So this past Thursday, a friend of mine and I went to our local Home Depot workshop to learn how to build a mosaic tile mirror with shelf.


I had gotten an email earlier in the week that stated due to cost and time restraint, we would not be able to build the mirror individually; but that we would be able to learn HOW to make one AND make our own small mosaic tile trivet. I was totally okay with that! The email also gave me the option to reply back if I was interested in purchasing the supplies for the large mirror and that they would gather them up and help me, which I thought was really nice.

They started the workshop right at 6:30 and Susan, the Do-it-herself Captain, showed us how to make the large mosaic tile mirror and what material and tools we would use. It took about an hour to watch her make some of the mirror. She also had one fully done to use as a giveaway.


After the demo of the big mirror, she showed us how to make the trivet, and then it was time for us to build our own mosiac tile trivets! Susan already had our tile trivet kits all pre-cut and sorted for us (AWESOME!) so we were ready to go!


The first thing we did was to use a nail gun to attach 4 pieces of wood together to make a frame. It was my first time using a nail gun and I was scared to death! But after I used it successfully, I was really proud of myself and can’t wait to use it again next month on another project!


Next we painted the frame and bottom wood piece with an off white color. I painted mine too thick so it took a while to dry.

After the paint dried, I applied an adhesive to the bottom wood piece, and then attached the tile blocks.

Then I applied grout to the top of the tile making sure it went in between the tiles and around the sides. After making sure all the spaces were filled in, I used a sponge to wipe off all the extra grout. I scrubbed a little too much, so I ended up having to repaint some of my wood frame again.


While my trivet was drying, Susan did the giveaway of the big mirror and provided us with snacks. Which was SO YUMMY and unexpected! They had cold bottles of water, a fruit bowl, and a homemade desert bar.


I had SUCH a good time with all the ladies laughing and working on my trivet. I got to use new tools and learn about some of the Home Depot tile products which was really awesome! And it’s really fun if you go with a friend!


I’m really pleased with how my trivet turned out! I love the little shimmery colors and details that you can see close up. Everyone’s trivet looked a little different because of the tile pieces. They even thought to give us little feet for the bottom. and did I mention the entire night was **FREE**!!!



I’m already planning on going to 2 more workshops next month! I was really impressed with Susan and her teaching style, enthusiasm, and how prepared she was for the workshop. That takes alot of effort and I could tell she loves what she does! Catherine, the store manager, was also there to help and she was really nice as well.

I would highly recommend my local Roanoke (Hershberger) VA store to anyone in the area wanting to go to workshops. Like I said earlier, I’ve been taking my son to the kids workshops for at least a couple of years and we have alot of fun at them and they are always very well prepared.

What to see if your local Home Depot store does any workshops?

Do it herself workshops:

Do it yourself workshops:

Kids workshops:

NEXT MONTH-November Do it herself workshop will be a wooden stocking hanger! It looks super cute! I can’t wait to build this and use the nail gun again! ๐Ÿ™‚


You can register at your store here:

If you are local to me, here’s the Store Manager for the Roanoke, VA Home Depot Twitter account to get updates:

You can follow Home Depot on Instagram here:


Have you ever been to a free Home Depot workshop? What did you learn about or make?

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