“Healthy for the Holidays” fitness challenge with #MyFitnessPal and Jessica Smith

Here’s a new fitness challenge from Jessica Smith and My Fitness Pal blog. Each suggested daily workout is 20 minutes or less so there’s no excuses! ๐Ÿ™‚

The Healthy for the Holidays Weekly Workout Plan

Repeat the schedule below for the next four weeks (and add your own workouts whenever you like). Feel free to start Day 1 on Sunday or Monday, whatever day works best for your weekly routine:

Day 1: Indoor Cardio Workout

Day 2: Total Body Training

Day 3: A.B.S. (Abs, Back + Stability)

Day 4: Interval Training

Day 5: Stretch + Relax

Day 6: Wild Card Workout (optional)

Try something new! Join a friend for a new fitness class, ski with your partner, speed walk in the mall. Think outside of the box, and challenge your body with something different.

Day 7: Active Rest Day

Enjoy a day off but stay active by walking, cleaning, dancing, playing with the kids โ€” and remember: Holiday shopping counts!



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