The 4-Week HIIT Plan for Beginners By Jessica Smith * Week 3 with #MyFitnessPal

The 4-Week HIIT Plan for Beginners with Jessica Smith TV and MyFitnessPal
This four-week HIIT plan for beginners is designed to introduce you to interval training and ease into it safely — gradually building up your threshold and ability to handle more intensity over time. To help avoid injury and overtraining, we’ve also included suggested weekly cross-training schedules to help you create a balanced fitness program.

Week 1: HIIT for Beginners: Walking Intervals
Week 2: HIIT for Beginners: Body-Weight Strength Circuit
Week 3: HIIT for Beginners: Kickboxing Intervals
Week 4: HIIT for Beginners: Cardio Intervals

Week 3 workout here:

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Equipment: None

Intensity: Moderate to High

Full blog post is here:

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