Walk On: 5 Mix and Match Miles with Jessica Smith *brand new*



Fit in a quick walk or go for all 10,00 steps at a time – you decide! Create your own walking plan with our customizable menu or use our 2, 3 or 4 mile premix options to make it easy to add up your weekly miles.

Choose from the following segments to create your own custom walk using our mix and match menu:

Warm Up

Mile #1: Energy Boost

Mile #2: Pumped Up Pace

Mile #3: Brain Training

Mile #4: Waistline Work

Mile #5: Jog and Jive

Cool Down + Stretch

Mix and match your own mile line up from our customizable menu, or use our premix mile walks to make it easy to just push play and fit in your favorite walk for the day!

Premix #1: 2-Quick Miles

Premix #2: 3-Mile Power Walk

Premix #3: 4 Mega Miles


Watch a video clip here:

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