live #Walk15 classes based on “Walk at Home” Leslie Sansone dvds

Rachel DeVaughn is a Certified Walk 15® Instructor with “Walk Strong Roanoke”. She has been teaching live Walk15® classes since January 2017, working with all levels of fitness.
Walk 15® is the Live version of the “Walk at Home” indoor aerobic walking program which has been helping people get fit using DVDs for over 25 years. In a Walk 15® class, participants may walk 1, 2, 3, or more miles, in a group setting, using the proven techniques of the Walk at Home program.
With just four basic steps, participants get a heart-pumping, calorie-torching aerobic workout. Participants will utilize all muscles in the body by incorporating simple arm movements which helps build the intensity of the workout and provides strength training. Each session begins with a warm-up to prepare the body for more in-tense exercise, and a cool-down to safely bring the heart rate and breathing back to normal for an overall safe workout.
Prior to teaching Walk 15® classes, Rachel has been walking to Leslie Sansone home workout dvds since 2011 and has lost over 80 pounds! Rachel is excited to bring live Walk 15® classes to you for better health, fitness and weight loss! Classes are being offered free to young adults and adults in our community at a variety of locations.
“Walk Strong Roanoke” classes are indoor group exercise classes for all levels of fitness levels. It is a low impact fitness program that virtually anyone can do… it’s for ALL WALKS OF LIFE!
Check out the “Walk Strong Roanoke” Facebook page to get all the specifics on upcoming classes for upcoming class times and locations.

Watch my live tv video clip here:

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