5 Winter Training Tips from America’s Toughest Road Marathon #brm26pt2 #runblueridge #fleetfeetroanoke

I got an email from the Blue Ridge Marathon race series titled, 5 Winter Training Tips, which comes at a perfect time since its been below 20 degrees for over a week here in SW Virginia (very unusual!) I found the article very helpful, especially since under each tip it also includes additional tips and thoughts from the Blue Ridge race coaches.

Here is my take away from the email, and don’t forget to keep reading to get a DISCOUNT CODE off the online training programs and for the full article link. It’s definitely helpful and worth reading!

I’m not use to walking when its dark so I definitely need to invest in some lights and reflective gear, but I always make sure to walk with a buddy.

I love wear ear warmers when I walk outside because my ears are really sensitive and I hate getting earaches! I find it really helpful to wear a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and then a jacket so I can take layers off as needed.

I’m a big fan of training indoors when its cold because of my sports induced asthma. So I don’t mind going to my local YMCA to hit the treadmill or do a fitness walking dvd to keep in shape during the winter months. I have found it very helpful to plan out my week ahead of time but obviously bad weather can change some things around.

When I was training last year for this race, there were several times I needed to go to my YMCA to train on the treadmill. I purposely varied my speed and incline knowing I would be going up and down hills during this race. I have always found that a 1% incline feels so much better on my back and knees and after reading the coach tip, no wonder I felt that way! I love learning new things…so good read the full article! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I always love hot showers or Epsom salt baths after a cold walk outside…Snuggling up with warm cozy socks reading a book afterwards is fun too!

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