FREE 15 day fitness challenges with #IdealFit and #IdealRaw

I’ve been using the IdealRaw products since last year and have been doing the free 15 day challenges off and on with both IdealRaw and IdealFit for the past year or two and love them!

IdealFit just launched a new 15 day “Build it” booty challenge which I wanted to share, but decided to share all the links for the challenges in case you weren’t aware of them. You will need an email address to sign up for the challenges to get private youtube video links and emails with the ebook program links.

Most of the programs encourage healthy eating and using their specific protein powders and supplements, but of course they are suggestions and not mandatory. Alot of times I will just use the fitness routines or recipes and incorporate them into my regular meal planning and fitness.

If you like boxing type workouts, I highly recommend the “Knock out Fitness” challenge.

If you like running, you would probably like “Ready Set Run” challenge.

If you need help with nutrition, check out the 7 day Eat Real challenge.

and my 2 personal favorites are the Mommy Trainer challenge and the Trainer Lindseys Fit Body challenge.

I LOVE that they offer these 15 day programs FREE to help you get into the routine of fitness and to see if you like the trainer’s technique and style. They are perfect for ALL LEVELS of fitness. Depending on the program, you will need a couple pieces of equipment like a stability ball, hand weights, yoga mat, etc.


They are offering (5) Free 15 day challenges and (3) 6 week paid fitness challenges here:


7 Day Eat Real Challenge

15 Day Fit Mommy Challenge

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