“If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy” by Rhonda Stoppe *Christian Marriage Book Study* #NoRegretsMarriage

“If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy” by Rhonda Stoppe FREE online book study group starts Feb 2nd!

Every Friday the author will ask questions, videos, comments etc. on the current chapter. The book study is located in the private Facebook group called “Mentor Me to Be a No Regrets Woman” Link is below.

I read this book last year for blog review and really liked it so I can’t wait to read it again with a group and really study it over these next several weeks!

About the book:
Like most brides on their wedding day, you no doubt were filled with love for your husband and the hope of a happy life together. But perhaps today, as the realities of life together have settled in, those happy expectations are going unfulfilled. And it’s tempting to think, “If only my husband would change, I’d be happy.”

That myth is but one of many that Rhonda Stoppe dispels in her easy-to-read exploration of what it takes to experience a truly happy marriage. In the process, she addresses such important topics as

understanding your husband’s need for your unconditional respect
rekindling the love that drew you to your husband in the first place
refusing to believe the lie that you’d be happier married to someone else
learning to be content in the midst of financial struggles
thinking about sex from a biblical worldview
If you desire to rekindle the love and hope you felt on your wedding day, this book will go a long way toward making that dream come true.

Contains discussion questions and personal reflections at the end of each chapter.

Purchase a copy of the book here:

Join her private group here:

Rhonda’s Facebook post is here for all the specifics:

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