“Six Days to Live” by Kenneth M. Page *book review*

“Six Days to Live” by Kenneth M. Page

This story was a great, fast pace, survival suspense. I found it easy to read and read it in one night because I enjoyed the story line and wanted to see how it would end. I was on the edge my seat wondering what would happen to Addison and whether her husband Chase would find her before Eddie kills again. Due to the nature of this book, there is violence but it is not graphic in any way.

I loved that the author left it open to make more books with these characters-maybe even a series. Highly recommend this clean, suspenseful action book!

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes disaster is simply a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take Addison Roberts, for example: it is a deadly coincidence that in a crowded parking lot one day, she catches the eye of a dangerous criminal on the run. In his desperation to evade the police, what he needs is a way out—and Addison and her car are his ticket to escape.
Lieutenant Chase Roberts, on leave from his military assignment, is anxious to be reunited with his wife. Yet as night falls and Addison fails to appear, Chase feels a rising sense of foreboding. Hours quickly become days as he desperately works with authorities to find the woman he loves. But after being named a person of interest, Chase is warned away from the investigation—a mandate he ignores. Chase will stop at nothing to find his wife, and what he ultimately discovers is terrifying: Addison has been carjacked by a man who has killed before and has no scruples against killing again . . .

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