“An Inconvenient Romance” by Chalon Linton *book review*


The story begins in England in 1811 and then jumps ahead six years. The chapters alternate between the main characters Leah and Charles so readers get a full view of the story and their emotions and feelings. We are introduced to their different families and the beloved dog admiral.

I enjoyed this sweet regency romance, and felt like the author did a good job tying the characters and story together. Sometimes I have a hard time reading books from this era because they can be a little boring or stuffy but I enjoyed the characters in this book and how it was written.

“An inconvenient romance” is free of bad language and appropriate for all adult readers.

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the book:
The countryside of England provided an idyllic backdrop for Charles Brumley’s and Leah Hastings’s childhood. Neighbors and best friends, the pair passed many happy days racing through the rolling hills of Derbyshire. Everything was perfect until Charles ruined it all and abandoned Leah for university.
Six years later, the former friends are thrust into each other’s paths once more. Leah had been looking forward to the ball, an opportunity to further her acquaintance with the handsome Captain Wilkins but when she sees Charles’s familiar face through the crowd, her traitorous heart leaps.

Charles faces his own struggle: he has loved Leah since he was fifteen years old, yet it seems he is too late it appears that her affections are otherwise engaged. As the pair tentatively renews their friendship, the spark between them is undeniable.

After so many years apart, Leah endeavors to reconcile her feelings toward her once cherished companion. But when a conniving rival for Charles’s attention approaches Leah, the threat is clear: give up her association with Charles, or a devastating secret about her family will be revealed. Faced with an impossible decision, Leah must make a choice the ruin of her family or the ruin of her heart?

You can purchase a copy of the book here:

Chalon Linton was first introduced to Jane Austen by a dear friend and now she can’t get enough of handsome men in tailcoats. Her intrigue in the genre stems from a nostalgic longing for manners, wit, and true love. Fortunately, Chalon found her dashing gentleman, married him, and now lives happily ever after in Southern California.

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“Witness in the Dark” by Lynne Larson *christian drama* review and giveaway


This was a quick read since it’s only 200 pages but well written and not rushed. The main character, 19 year old Jenny accidentally witnesses a murder and is brutally attacked and left to die by the murderer-a fellow neighbor-in a nearby shaft.

The first half of the book are flashbacks of recent events in Jenny’s life so the reader can get a better understanding of relationships and characters so the rest of the story makes sense as it unfolds.

I held my breath as the story continued hoping that it would end well. I liked the story and would recommend it to high school readers and above due to the violence.

Clean (free of bad language) and suspenseful! There are religious references through out the story since the main character and family are Christian/LDS Mormon, but nothing over the top or confusing to non LDS members.

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the Book
What began as a picture-perfect summer vacation for college student Jenny Brodie has swiftly become a nightmare. When she left home on the back of her horse one sunny morning, she couldn’t have imagined what awaited her in the Utah desert. Now the darkness is closing in, and there is no way out.
The woman saw what he did—she witnessed the shots he fired, the murder he committed. But she’ll never talk. He’s made sure of that.

For a man desperate to hide his crimes, the pressure steadily rises as Jenny’s community bands together to find the missing young woman. As the searchers grow ever closer to discovering what he has hidden, so too does his desperation. He will stop at nothing to keep the woman hidden—but he has underestimated the second witness to his evil deeds: a young girl determined to protect Jenny. As the trail runs cold, will help come for Jenny before time runs out?

You can purchase a copy here:

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3 Fast and Fun miles DVD from Miracle Miles set on QVC

This is the 3 Fast and Fun cardio dvd from the Miracle Miles dvd set from QVC.



Chapter Menu

First Mile- Get Started

Second Mile- Fast and Sweaty

Third Mile- Super Fast Mile

These 15 minute mile segments can be done alone or all three together. I thought that they were duplicates from other DVDs, but when I reviewed my other DVDs I found that they are not duplicates-they are brand new segments that have not been released on DVD as far as I could tell.

You can view a sneak peek video on my Instagram page here:

It’s a fun collection of different walkers from different DVDs previously released.

There is a warm-up but no cool down and stretch.

Total length of DVD is 46 minutes.

You can only get this DVD when you purchase the miracle miles DVD set from QVC.com here: http://www.qvc.com/Leslie-Sansone-Miracle-Miles-5-DVD-Set-with-Sculpting-Band-%26-3-Mile-DVD.product.F12512.html?sc=SRCH

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Walk On: Walk Off Belly Fat 5 Days a Week with Jessica Smith *brand new* REVIEW with pictures


Main Menu

Warm up: 0-5:06

2 mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk: 5:06-35:20
For the first 15 minutes, Jessica does 3 minutes of steady cardio followed by 2 minutes of interval training = 3 intervals total.
At the halfway point a bell rings to indicate the switch. For the remainder 15 minutes, Jessica does 2 minutes of steady cardio followed by 3 minutes of interval training = 3 intervals total.

3 mile Flat Abs Power Walk 35:20-81:03
This workout is steady state cardio with no intervals like the 2 mile belly fat blast. She includes alot of boxing style movements in mile 2 segment, as well as traditional cardio movements she does in other workouts.

Belly Blasting Strength Training: 81:03-100:30
You can use a chair for this workout-Jessica and Debbie show the exercises using a chair. I personally do not use the chair. Debbie also uses water bottles to show this workout can still be done without traditional weights. I typically use 4-6 pounds.
You will need to use a chair or be on the floor from segment time 14:30 thru the end of the workout-no weights during this part.
With this workout you are only using the weights for the first 15 minutes.
I liked the other 2 workouts better than this one. I don’t anticipate doing this strength training segment very often. I felt like it was too short of a workout and that the reps went too fast.

Cool Down: 100:30-106:29
You will use a chair or mat from 102:50 thru the end. I found that using the chair gave me a better stretch.

Additional Notes:
There are 3 ladies in this workout DVD-Jessica, Debbie and Raquel. Jessica shows 3 different modifications for most of the movements.

I wish the music was louder in this did-you can’t hear it very well above the instruction.

Jessica has words of advice that periodically scrolls on the bottom of the screen.

Mile markers come up on the bottom right of the screen each time a mile is completed.

I like that through out this workout, Jessica explains the benefits and differences between steady state cardio and interval training.

The premixes option is awesome!!! *All premixes include the warm up and cool down*

I purchased this DVD right when it was released but unfortunately it was damaged. Jessica Smith refunded my money no questions asked and sent me a new workout disc once new ones had been made. Very pleased with her customer service!! In all the years of buying her dvds-the 2 dvds I bought in December where the only ones I have ever had issues with.

I really like this workout DVD!

Order it here:


Shrink your belly and improve your health with our complete 2 and 3-Mile waist shaping, fat blasting walks, belly fat melting strength training and our custom premixes designed to help you stay on our suggested workout schedule. Plus, don’t miss our on-screen bonus belly fat busting tips throughout the workouts to help you maximize your results the right way – no gimmicks, fads or extreme diets here.

Jessica, her Mom Debbie and their friend Raquel offer modification options throughout the workouts so that you can make the program work for you, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

This complete plan includes 105 minutes of actual workout time:

Warm Up [5 Minutes]

2-Mile Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk [30 Minutes]

3- Mile Flat Abs Power Walk [45 Minutes]

Belly Blasting Strength Training Circuit [20 Minutes]

Cool Down [5 Minutes]

Our belly fat blasting premixes make staying on schedule simple!

Day 1: Flat Abs Power Walk [55 Minutes]

Day 2: Belly Blasting Strength Training [30 Minutes]

Day 3: Belly Fat Blast Interval Walk [40 Minutes]

Day 4: Flat Abs Power Walk [55 Minutes]

Day 5: Belly Fat Busting Strength +Interval Combo [60 Minutes]

Day 6: Active Rest Day

Day 7: Rest + Relax

*OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: For the strength circuit you may use a set of 2-8 pound dumbbells [depending on level], or follow Debbie who uses two 16-ounce water bottles as a substitute, and a sturdy chair, which is also used during our cool down segment.

Order it here:

Sneak Peek video here:

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“My Dearest Love” by Sarah M. Eden *cover reveal*

Cover reveal for Sarah M. Eden’s newest novella!

My Dearest Love Ebook MOCK

From the USA Today Bestselling author of the Longing for Home series, a new romance set in the beloved world of Hope Springs: MY DEAREST LOVE, coming July 2017!

Add to your Goodreads list:

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