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Have you seen the new series of #Walk15 youtube videos??

Walk15 1 Mile with Leslie:

Walk15 1 mile with Nick:

Walk 15® is a group exercise class for everyone of all ages and all fitness levels.

​It is a fitness program that virtually anyone can do…it’s for ALL WALKS OF LIFE! Our instructors teach in their communities all over the world.

What started as a few aerobics classes in Leslie Sansone’s health club in the 80’s (big hair! leg warmers!) grew into the #1 in-home walking program worldwide, with over 18 million DVDs sold! Now…it’s gone full circle, Walk at Home® workouts are back as live classes with the Walk 15® program!

Taking the best features from low impact, aerobic style, group exercise, Walk 15® group classes keep it easy to follow but effective in results with our exclusive 15-minute, BIG Calorie-Burning Miles system! It’s designed with “walking based” moves so that all fitness levels, all ages, all walks of life, can do it!

Music is the heart of a Walk 15® class. Our music is engineered at the speed you need to keep you moving at a fat-burning pace. If you are walking to the beat, then you are burning big calories! Music helps us to execute movement at the proper speed. It inspires you to get through the toughest part of the workout with an energy boost and has a calming effect at the cool down and stretch.

Our Walk 15® Instructors are educated and passionate about keeping you motivated and successful!

Grab a friend and find a Walk 15® class near you here:


I have been a certified Walk15 instructor since December 2016 and I absolutely love it! I teach local classes 1-2 times per week free to the community.

I have personally used Leslie Sansone dvd workouts for over 6 years and this program has helped me lose over 80 pounds as well as helped me train for races! I know this program works and I love it!

I fitness walk to keep myself fit, healthy and strong!

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5 Winter Training Tips from America’s Toughest Road Marathon #brm26pt2 #runblueridge #fleetfeetroanoke

I got an email from the Blue Ridge Marathon race series titled, 5 Winter Training Tips, which comes at a perfect time since its been below 20 degrees for over a week here in SW Virginia (very unusual!) I found the article very helpful, especially since under each tip it also includes additional tips and thoughts from the Blue Ridge race coaches.

Here is my take away from the email, and don’t forget to keep reading to get a DISCOUNT CODE off the online training programs and for the full article link. It’s definitely helpful and worth reading!

I’m not use to walking when its dark so I definitely need to invest in some lights and reflective gear, but I always make sure to walk with a buddy.

I love wear ear warmers when I walk outside because my ears are really sensitive and I hate getting earaches! I find it really helpful to wear a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and then a jacket so I can take layers off as needed.

I’m a big fan of training indoors when its cold because of my sports induced asthma. So I don’t mind going to my local YMCA to hit the treadmill or do a fitness walking dvd to keep in shape during the winter months. I have found it very helpful to plan out my week ahead of time but obviously bad weather can change some things around.

When I was training last year for this race, there were several times I needed to go to my YMCA to train on the treadmill. I purposely varied my speed and incline knowing I would be going up and down hills during this race. I have always found that a 1% incline feels so much better on my back and knees and after reading the coach tip, no wonder I felt that way! I love learning new things…so good read the full article! 😉

I always love hot showers or Epsom salt baths after a cold walk outside…Snuggling up with warm cozy socks reading a book afterwards is fun too!

Use code WINTERTRAIN to SAVE 15% off one of their ONLINE training programs here:

Must use code before the training programs registration deadline. 1/9/18 for the full marathon program, and 1/23/18 for the half marathon training program.

LOCAL to Roanoke VA and want to train in person??

Fleet Feet Roanoke is offering a 10k and half marathon spring training program to get you ready for the Blue Ridge Marathon race series. Both programs start January 22, 2018. Go here for more info:
http://www.fleetfeetroanoke.com/13point1training and http://www.fleetfeetroanoke.com/10ktraining

You can sign up now or go to orientation meeting that takes place on Sun, Jan 21 at 5:15PM at Fleet Feet Sports Roanoke, located at 4347 Franklin Rd, Roanoke VA.
Anyone is welcome to TEST DRIVE a 10K Training workout for FREE the first week of the session before signing up. Please check-in at the Fleet Feet Sports tent when you arrive.

For full blog post go here:

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#RunLikeaDiva race recap 2017 part 2 #DivaDC

Part 1 recap is here:

The “Run Like a Diva” 5k race is located at Lansdowne Resort on their golf course. The weather was beautiful (a little muggy), clear skies and easy rolling course. It is NOT flat and theres a killer hill at the very end. Make sure to train on different levels instead of flat if you plan on doing this course.

There are different waves so it doesn’t get too congested whether you are walking, jogging or running.

Sweaty after race picture immediately after the finish line.
Right before we crossed the finish line they gave us a feather boa and crown. Then right after we crossed the line we got our jewelry pouch (with medal and charm) and sparking cider.
Compared to last year, I felt they were very stingy with the snacks and water bottles. We were allowed one water bottle and a granola bar and bag of chips. And they didn’t let anyone come back in line to get additional water so I had to go inside and find a water fountain to fill up my water bottle-very annoying.
They also advertised a dance party afterwards which we never saw or heard-that was also disappointing.

They had a vendor outside by the finish line (Minute Rice) which was fun because they had lots of samples and boxes they were giving away.

Overall the race was fun because I had a friend run it with me, but it was lacking compared to the Run Like a Diva 5k race in 2016 at the same location. I filled out an end of race evaluation form so hopefully we will see some positive changes for 2018!

I’ve been selected to be a race ambassador again this year (2018) so stay tuned for a RACE ENTRY GIVEAWAY and promo code in February!

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#RunLikeaDiva race recap 2017 part 1 #DivaDC

As some of you know, I love to take pictures so I usually have to do my race recaps in at least 2 posts 🙂 Back in September I participated in the “Run Like a Diva” 5k race series up in northern VA with a friend of mine.

I have been promoting the race series all year as a race ambassador which means I get a free race entry in exchange for blogging about the race, sharing information, and sharing a race promo code so others can join me at my local race.

The 5k and race packet pickup was on a Friday night so I got out of work early to drive up north 4 hours to get there on time for packet pickup, take pictures, change, eat, and get ready for my race.

Race Day essentials!! Isn’t my diva bag awesome?! I got several compliments at packet pickup.

I also ordered my diva charm bracelet-first year they have offered it. Unfortunately my friend wanted one too but we couldn’t find any at any of the vendor booths.

Arrived in plenty of time! Lots of parking, great directions and signs. Once you enter the hotel, there are always several people willing to help you with questions and point you in the right direction.

Packet pickup-super quick, easy and fast! They are always very organized!
I was disappointed in this years vendor tables though…the previous year they had alot more items and vendors. I loved the chocolate samples though!

Picture time before the race!

As you can see, there was ALOT of people-mostly women! Normally they have alot of shirtless firemen walking around for pictures and this year I literally saw 3. Not enough when you have hundreds of women wanting pictures with them.

End of race jewelry bags which hold the medals and charms!

And we’re off to race!!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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“Heart of the West” by Carolyn Twede Frank *book review and giveaway*

“Heart of the West” by Carolyn Twede Frank

I really enjoyed this book! The story line reminded me of Dr. Quinn-medicine woman-loved it!! I loved Kate’s spunk and determination to be a woman doctor in the west during a time when women were not recognized or embraced in such roles. She had such enthusiasm and goodness with helping others, regardless the circumstances.

The story line was good, steady and kept my interest. I liked all the characters in the book and loved the clean romance part of the story as well.

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the book
Independent-minded women are considered highly unsuitable in Kate Donahue’s wealthy Long Island society. Yes, Kate would lead a proper life should she marry, but her dream of practicing medicine would surely be thwarted by her domineering fiancé. To follow her dream, she must take dramatic measures. So when she reads a newspaper ad seeking a qualified small-town physician, Kate embarks on a new life in the Wild West. Upon her arrival in the rugged settlement of Craig, Colorado, Kate is disappointed to discover that even in the West, no one wants a woman doctor. As she struggles to establish her practice, she is kept busy fending off the unwanted attentions of a local rancher, a man unnervingly reminiscent of the ex-fiancé she left behind in New York. Romantic entanglements are the last thing on Kate’s mind. That is, until she meets Lucas McCurdy, an Irish immigrant with whom she feels an undeniable connection. But when their relationship inflames a dangerous land battle, Kate and Lucas find themselves defenseless in a lawless town a perilous position that may cost them everything.

Purchase your copy here

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