A Promise for Tomorrow (A Hearthfire Scottish Romance Book 2) by Michele Paige Holmes *book review & giveaway*

A Promise for Tomorrow (A Hearthfire Scottish Romance Book 2) by Michele Paige Holmes

This story is best read after book 1 (Yesterday’s Promise) instead of as a standalone. There is a brief recap at the beginning of this book to refresh readers which was nice.

The story abruptly ends though, making the reader anxiously awaiting book 3 in this series. This story had a good pace and was interesting even though its not something I typically read. There was danger, romance and some twists. If you like historical Scottish adventures, you will love this series!

I received a copy of this ebook complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Scottish Highlands, 1700s:

Barely two weeks have passed since Laird Collin MacDonald first darkened Katherine Mercer’s doorstep and married her. Marriage has hardly been what she expected, given their grueling and adventurous days of travel to the Scottish Highlands. Along with the discovery that Collin’s twin Ian would like to see her dead, Katie must now face her own clan, whose chief wants to kill Collin and take her to wife himself. All because Katie possesses the Campbell gift of sight, passed down through centuries of her ancestors.

With little more than faith in her grandfather’s vision and her unique bond with Collin to guide her, Katie steps bravely into an unknown future, where the glimpses afforded her may bring more danger than direction. When the misuse of her gift takes Collin from her side, she is left alone and vulnerable. Help arrives in the most unexpected form as Ian MacDonald makes good on his threat to attack the Campbells and Katie learns that the bond between brothers and love knows no bounds.

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Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice Book #1) by Rachel Dylan *book review & sneak peek of book 2!

Deadly Proof (Atlanta Justice Book #1) by Rachel Dylan

“Deadly Proof” was an awesome, fast paced, legal Christian thriller. I really enjoyed reading it! The characters were great, the story was well written-not predictable at all.

Because of my legal background, I understand alot of the emotional stress that the attorneys and associates were under and the choices they have to make daily between right and wrong while fighting on behalf of their clients.

I liked the relationship development between Landon and Kate. Even though this story was a legal thriller, there were also some great Christian aspects in it like forgiveness and grace.

I highly recommend this book! Easy to read and understand even if you don’t have a legal background. Just don’t read this book before bed because you won’t want to put it down. I can’t wait for book 2!

I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the book
In the biggest case of her career, attorney Kate Sullivan is tapped as lead counsel to take on Mason Pharmaceutical because of a corporate cover-up related to its newest drug. After a whistleblower dies, Kate knows the stakes are much higher than her other lawsuits.

Former Army Ranger turned private investigator Landon James is still haunted by mistakes made while serving overseas. Trying to forget the past, he is hired by Kate to look into the whistleblower’s allegation and soon suspects that the company may be engaging in a dangerous game for profit. He also soon finds himself falling for this passionate and earnest young lawyer.

Determined not to make the same mistakes, he’s intent on keeping Kate safe, but as the case deepens, it appears someone is willing to risk everything–even murder–to keep the case from going to trial.

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About the author:
Rachel Dylan writes Christian fiction including legal romantic suspense. Rachel has practiced law for over a decade and enjoys weaving together legal and suspenseful stories. In addition, Rachel writes the Danger in the Deep South including “Lethal Action” and “Devoted Defender,” which appeals to fans of edge of your seat romantic suspense. Rachel also writes the Windy Ridge series including “Trial & Tribulations” and “Fatal Accusation.” These legal thrillers with elements of spiritual warfare are great for fans who enjoy books by Peretti or Dekker. “Trial & Tribulations” was a Selah finalist in 2016. Rachel lives in Michigan with her husband and five furkids-two dogs and three cats. Rachel loves to connect with readers.
Find out more about Rachel at http://www.racheldylan.com.

Dylan pin1

Dylan pin2

BOOK 2 Lone Witness (Atlanta Justice) coming on May 1, 2018!!
About the Book:
Prosecutor Sophie Dawson’s first job in the White Collar division of the Fulton County D.A.’s office is to build a case against a local bank employee who may be cheating clients. But when circumstances beyond her control leave her as the only witness to a double homicide involving a vengeful gang, her world is turned upside down.

Former Atlanta police officer turned private security guard Cooper Knight is hired to ensure that Sophie is kept safe. But as threats escalate, they don’t know who they can trust.

Sophie is determined not to back down, but her bank case gets more complicated by the day, and the gang will stop at nothing to keep her from testifying. Sophie wants to take a stand for what’s right–but can Cooper, who is determined not to be distracted by their growing attraction, keep her safe so that she can finish her pursuit for justice?

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“The Gentleman’s Deception” by Karen Tuft *book review and giveaway*

“The Gentleman’s Deception” by Karen Tuft

This was a good historical christian fiction book that had a steady plot and great characters. I especially loved the main characters Ruby (Lavinia) and Lucas and how their romance blossomed. I love reading historical fiction from that time period-when men were gentlemen and had manners and honor. Lavinia and Lucas start the charade of being married, then engaged and then it goes on from there.

Great story, worth reading ! I received a copy of this ebook complimentary for blog and social media review. All opinions are my own.

About the book:
Renowned actress Ruby Chadwick, the Darling of Drury Lane has long planned and prepared for her final performance. With exceptional beauty comes the unwanted attention of men, and after years of fending off odious suitors, Ruby is ready to leave it all behind in favor of a quiet life. The first step is to reclaim a piece of her past: her true identity as Lavinia Fernley. But leaving town unnoticed proves impossible, and in one desperate moment, Lavinia embarks on the greatest act of her life when she throws herself into the arms of a stranger to avoid recognition. Lucas Jennings is shocked to find the stunning redhead in his arms, but something moves him to play along with her ruse when she calls him her husband. This charade marks the start of an unpredictable journey as he escorts the lovely Lavinia and her traveling companions to Primrose Farm, far from the glaring lights of London. Soon, the tables are turned when Lucas introduces Lavinia to his family as his fiancee. Before long, their mutual deception begins to feel all too real. But when the truth of her past is revealed, will Lavinia’s dream of a happy ending slip through her fingers?

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Why you need a #MyoBuddy !! plus save $100 promo code! #ReleaseRelaxRecover #MYOLove #FitBuzz

I was THRILLED to receive this MyoBuddy complimentary for blog and social media review a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I have been using it every day since we got it and both LOVE it! I have been using it specifically on my legs and lower back area post workout to help with sore muscles and recovery. I posted a couple of videos of this tool in action on my Instagram page if you want to check them out. We brought it over to my family’s house over Thanksgiving weekend and it was a big hit! Everyone loved it, including my chiropractor brother!

Who would like this MyoBuddy?

*If you are an athlete that needs a tool to help with recovery, this is it!

*If you have sore muscles after a long day at work, this tool will help you!

*If you love massages, you will love this!

*If you know the value of self care, then this tool is for you!

*If you are recovering from an accident or surgery, this tool will help you!

The MyoBuddy Pro percussive massager places professional grade deep tissue, warming, trigger point and cutting edge vibrational massage technology in the palm of your hands, providing instant relief to muscle soreness and myofascial pain. It has a vibrating, oscillating disk padded with three layers of foam and comes with 2 plush microfiber bonnets. It has a 12 foot cord and 3 speeds to help with a variety of needs.

The 3 speeds are (1) Percussive Mode, (2) Massage Mode, and (3) Friction Mode.

Press the little blue button once for speed 1, then again for speed 2, a third time for speed 3, and then a fourth time to turn it off.

I wasn’t a fan of the Percussive mode at first because I didn’t understand why it was so “jumpy”, but the more I read about it on their website, the more I understood the importance of it and started using it. “Percussive action results in muscular and fascial lengthening, leading to improved muscle strength and enhanced muscle recovery.”

MyoBuddy Benefits include:

*Soothe sore muscles & ease Myofascial pain
*Treat trigger points & everyday aches and pains
*Warm muscles pre-workout and recover faster from workouts
*Reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia
*Improve range of motion
*Increase circulation

You can purchase your own MyoBuddy Massager Pro here:

Includes 1 White Plush Bonnet and 1 Blue Lotion Bonnet
Free Shipping
30-day Money Back Guarantee
1-Year Warranty

Save $100 off your Myobuddy by using the code: SPRACHEL -code expires on 12/30

You can also purchase White and Blue replacement bonnet pads on their website which I think is awesome! It says on the website that a bonnet should be replaced about every 500 uses or every 6 months of regular use.

They have an entire page of FAQ here:

I found this page helpful because I wanted to know more specifically the benefits of using this tool after my workouts and how to properly wash the Bonnet pads and when to replace them.

How Does MyoBuddy help with workout recovery?
Post workout massage will keep the fascia from bunching, and push lactic acid and waste, all while oxygenating muscle cells. Treat yourself for 2 minutes immediately after working out, then for 10 minutes later in the day for optimal results. Cut your recovery time in half! Due to the rapid muscular contraction during the percussive massage, daily care results in the lengthening and strengthening of muscle tissue. This means tissue relaxation and muscular strength are each increased simultaneously! And it feels amazing. What a perfect way to lengthen and strengthen and enhance your overall muscular health!

My husband and I really liked the 2nd setting which is ideal for massages and relieving muscle tightness. We mostly used the white bonnet over top our exercise clothes as suggested in the brochure in the box. After reading the FAQ page though, I recently switched to using the blue bonnet on my bare skin which I like even better. I have found it difficult to massage my upper back area without help, so I mostly concentrate on my legs, butt, and lower back area when I massage.

I also like using the 3rd and fast speed setting on my legs to help with circulation after my workouts. The fast setting helps specifically to increase blood circulation.

Although the massager tool is strong, the handle and massager are easy to hold making it easy for someone to massage most parts of their body without assistance. I liked that the cord was long so I didn’t have to worry about not having enough length to reach parts of my body.

I have really liked this massager tool and have found it very beneficial to my post workout routine as well as helping my sore/tense muscles after working all day at my office.

I feel price is definitely a factor because $400 is alot to spend on a massager tool. However, if you frequently pay for massages or have tight muscles, need help with circulation, recovery, range of motion, etc. than price doesn’t get in the way of purchasing a tool that you know will help! For the price of (4) one hour massages, you can purchase your own MyoBuddy Massager Pro tool for your home!

Don’t forget to use my coupon code that expires 20 12/30/17 if you’re interested!
Save $100 off your Myobuddy by using the code: SPRACHEL

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