WALK ON and WALK STRONG Master Rotation Calendars by Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith WALK ON and WALK STRONG Master Rotation Calendars are now available! I love that she provided additional calendars to use with all her new dvds!

Here’s what her email had to say:

So many of you have joined us for several of our programs (thank you!) and we know that after you’ve completed them a few times it’s easy to overwhelmed with what to do next. For those of you who enjoy having a plan in place, we’ve created two master rotation calendars of our current ‘Walk ON’ and ‘Walk STRONG’ series library to help you put them all together into one program!

Page 1 of your calendar includes our suggested 4 week schedule, and page 2 includes a key of all the videos included in the rotation for reference. Feel free to follow the rotation(s) as listed, mix and match between the Walk STRONG and Walk ON calendars or use them as a guide to create your own personal plan.

Don’t have the program for the recommended daily workout? No prob! Just skip ahead to the next one on the list that you have. Once your four weeks are up, feel free to take a week off and add in other routines or simply start over again at week one. We’re all about you making it work for YOU!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the printer friendly* Walk STRONG Master Rotation Calendar PDF

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the printer friendly* Walk ON Master Rotation Calendar PDF

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